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The Event

THANK YOU so much to all who helped raise the money 🙏🏼💚


The money will be spent on fire patrols and tools, sports teams and conservation group sponsorship, sponsorship of the Zomba Tour Guides, helping to spread environmental awareness messages through song recording, and hopefully another environmental awareness concert next July. This coming rainy season, we will be replanting areas on our side of the Plateau too; AND we are also working on a model whereby lump sums would be granted to groups to spend on income generating projects of their choosing and in exchange the groups commit to environmental work. And, various other small projects besides :) It is all a work in progress!

Watch the Run4Reforestation 2022 video

We made you all TREEZ embassadors, trusting you to promote our efforts and advertise the cause. Deforestation effects us all so let us all try to get as many people involved and raise as much money as possible, and you delivered :)

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