The Event

Virtual Run Malawi, UK, and the rest of the world:
Sadly, this year, there is no 'event' on the day.
That is not going to stop us!
We can't run together
For those participating in Malawi, we will mark the 5km, 10km and 21km routes on the Plateau (Beware of the areas where commercial logging is taking place) and participants can either come and run on here, or chose to run at the location of their choice.
You will be able to run your run anytime between the 5th September and the 12th. Once you are satisfied with your run results, email us ( a screenshot of your results.
For UK participants who want to be more competitive, you can also sign up to our 'letsdothis' virtual run site and run on the 12th of September :)
Just follow the instructions on the page.
If you would like to ask people to sponsor you for your run, there are 2 ways you can do this:
- You can go to and click on Fundraise - You can then send the link to friends and family and ask them to sponsor you :)
- You can also download the a sponsorship form Here print it out and ask your friends and family to fill in their sponsorship amount 
If you have been sponsored, email us a copy of your sponsorship form and transfer the money to the TREEZ bank account, or you can do this via Airtel money or TNM Mpamba
For questions about how to run the virtual run, click here for the FAQs

We are making you all TREEZ embassadors, trusting you to promote our efforts and advertise the cause. Deforestation effects us all so let us all try to get as many people involved and raise as much money as possible :)

Teachers and students from George Watson's College got sponsored to run the Run4Rreforestation 2019, and they did in Edinburgh :)

To Donate:

Click the link below

Thank you :)

Get in touch:
WhatsApp: +265997 331709
Mob: +265 888 573 325