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Run 4


5K / 10K / 21K
When: Saturday 4th September 2021
Where: Wherever you can run in the world and maybe an event on the Plateau - fingers crossed :)
The Run4Reforestation is a sporting event aimed at raising awareness and funds for TREEZ and Zomba Plateau.

This year, like last year, we will most likely be organizing a virtual run which people can partake in wherever they are in the world.  

There will be 3 different races: a 5km,  a 10km and 21km.

Instead of paying a registration fee at the event on the day, we kindly ask that runners donate to the TREEZ JustGiving page, or even better, do their own fundraising to help TREEZ continue with its conservation work

It will still be fun :)

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You ran all over the world, from Australia to Alaska, from Ghana to South Africa, in the heat, in the cold, in your living room, in your local park, on treadmills etc. You all did an AMAZING job and we thank you for your efforts.

I ran my second ever 21km distance and did not feel particularly thankful to Adrian who set the Plateau courses. The uphill up the Potato Path was brutal! I admit to slowing to a walk for the last third. The steep downhill towards the Mulunguzi dam was equally hard but this time on my knees - and then my will power to finish was very nearly sapped out of me by the last kilometer of slight up hill right before the end. Mike and Pete who ran with me, got me through and mentally dragged me those last few hundred meters. What a joy to be greeted by Filly, Caitlin, Kate and a few of the curio sellers, cheering us on :)

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