Run 4


5K / 10K / 21K
When: Saturday 5th September 2020
Where: Zomba Plateau
The Run4Reforestation is a sporting event aimed at raising awareness and funds for TREEZ and Zomba Plateau.

There will be 3 different races: a 5km,  a 10km and 21km. 

They are all trail runs,starting and finishing at the Sunbird Ku Chawe, with paths varying from small narrow paths to wider tracks. There may be a river to cross and there may be some obstacles along the way.

The races start at 30min intervals with the 21km starting first.

There will be pit stops for water on both the 10km and the 21km.

and there will be first aiders at the water stations


It will be fun :)

Here is a clip from the 2019 Run4 Reforestation
Run4Reforestation 2019