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VIRTUAL Run4Reforestation

And if you can't make it on the day, or you are not in Malawi, you can still help, you can still run, walk, amble, or cycle, or kayak, or paddle for TREEZ

I am in the process of setting the R4R up on a virtual running site - at least, that is what I am trying very hard to do - so watch this space!

But, if I fail, you can still fundraise and either donate directly, or create your own fundraising campaign by going to

Or by using this QR code:

Malawi, has a mostly rural population and has lost 85% of its trees in the last 30 years. At current rates of population growth and deforestation, by 2030 it is estimated that there will no longer be enough biofuel to sustain the needs of the population. The reason being that over 90% of the population rely on wood or charcoal for domestic use (cooking/heating) and increasingly, for burning bricks for house building.

Uncontrolled bushfires in the dry season systematically prevent areas from naturally regenerating while impoverishing the soil, increasing soil erosion and threatening the water sources.

The lack of available fuelwood sources within the communities forces community members to walk great distances in order to provide enough wood for their domestic use. The excessive cutting of trees leads to mass deforestation which in turn leads to desertification as the soils are consistently degraded and the water sources depleted, which in turn increases poverty levels within the communities.


To reverse the negative fuelwood loop:

TREEZ is already involved with the restoration and protection of over 250 hectares of land around Zomba Forest Lodge. This includes the 30 hectares that our community conservation groups and sports teams are responsible for.

And TREEZ needs your help :)

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