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We strive to protect and preserve one day at a time :)
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The Run4Reforestation is coming again!
Saturday 7 September

The Run4Reforestation is one the main sources of funds for TREEZ. As the funds are not tied to a particular grant, it gives us the space and freedom to be able to move funds as and where needed. This year for example, it meant that we were able to help with Cyclone Freddy victims, providing them with essential supplies and materials.

And as we have a growing number of conservation groups, TREEZ needs the extra funds to be able to support them as they carry out bush clearing, fire breaks and spot planting exercises. We call this an exchange of environmental services: TREEZ provides them with much needed income in exchange for their work. TREEZ does not give anything away for nothing - there must be an exchange of services. Malawi and the Planet need the environmental work to be carried out and the communities need the money :)

2023 has been a difficult year for Malawians with the cyclone devastating homes and harvests, and a winter that is proving to be too warm and dry. In difficult years, evidence has shown that there is an increased risk of fires so the TREEZ groups will need to be starting their patrols early. And it all costs money.


However, it IS paying off. Anyone visiting this side of the Plateau will see how much more lush and abundant our side is. Proof that with a little effort, we CAN make a difference :)

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