We strive to protect and preserve one day at a time :)

We, the owner/managers of Zomba Forest Lodge, set up Zomba TREEZ (The Reforestation of the Environment and Ecosystem of Zomba) in 2014 and have been working with local communities and the Forestry Department to reforest over 18 hectares (~22,000 trees), along streams on the south western slopes of Zomba Plateau.

The project started off being about reforesting and protecting water catchment areas but we soon learned that it wasn't just about tree planting. Over half our budget goes into fire prevention work which includes creating fire breaks to protect areas from fires and allowing the natural regeneration of trees, sponsoring football and netball teams to help with firefighting and maintenance of the planted trees, paying patrols to provide early warnings of fires, providing tools to help with all the previously mentioned activities.

In 2018, we held our first Environmental Awareness concert, held at Nankhunda Primary School, for the local communities, with Malawian pop star Moses Mkwawa as the main act. We also held our first Run4Reforestation, a sporting event aimed at raising awareness about the issues of deforestation and environmental degradation, and funds for TREEZ.

In 2019, we added a 'Battle of the Bands" to the Environmental Awareness concert, with 8 schools competing for the best written song about the environment, judged by that year's headline star act Jay-Jay C amongst others artists and recorded and aired by Zodiak Radio, a national radio station.

We also held the second Run4Reforestation to which we added a sustainability fair showcasing environmentally minded organizations and the Blantyre Farmer's Market joined us in making the day such a special event.


For 2020 we had great plans: we paid out over MK1,500,000 to conservation groups for their protection and maintenance of over 6,000 trees. Our Environmental Awareness and Education programme was going smoothly and we were looking forward to starting to organize the Run4Reforestation 2020... And then Covid-19 hit and we had to stop everything.

With reduced funding we are still continuing with our conservation efforts, just on a smaller scale.

The Run4Reforestation WILL go ahead, but as a virtual run, run individually, in a safe space. Please click on the Run4Reforestation page for more information.

Watch this space, as we continue to try to find means to protect, preserve and educate :)

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